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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Carnaval in Salvador - teaser

i think we are about to party our asses off in 2 weeks...

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Monday, January 29, 2007

festival de verĂ£o

saturday was 'the' night for the party. basicly we didn't do anything that day just went to the beach and grabbed 2 caipirinhas there. it was a promising start. :o)
after having a decent dinner we were up to some serious drinking. the place was the usual: the back yard of the hostel. almost everybody who counts was there and the mixing competition started. everybody was preparing drinks. some were making the usual caipirinha some others were experiencing with replacing the lime for another fruits (passion fruit, pineapple, and a lot else but i have no idea of the names of them). needless to say pretty soon we were having a great time.

most people have already left for the festival, i think we were the last ones to leave.
we went four with Alice, Nina, Floris and me. Alice is a cool girl working in the hostel. she is very gringa looking so always a lot of funny things happen to her. Nina is also very cool friend of Alice, and Floris is a crazy Dutchman (long hair, sepultura t-shirt) who is impossible not to like.

after taking the bus and some beers we arrived at the festival place, managed to get in for a moderate price. then it all started...
i have quite a lot blackout from the following hours but next day we managed to put the pieces together collectively. i remember that Alice left pretty early because she didn't feel well so we stayed 3 of us and didn't manage to find the others from the hostel.
so to keep the story short it was like a "Sziget" feeling festival with great music (on the main stage: Ben Harper, on the other stages many Brazilian bands, DJs). everybody was doing a lot of drugs, you were not supposed to be suprised when you saw someone sniffing coke next to you.
the military police was heavily present they had their separate parade: in strong coloumn they were marching through the crowd like a knife in the warm butter. sometimes they just kicked some guys' ass for unknown reasons.

about 5AM i was told that the party has apparently ended so we were supposed to hit the road quite soon.
the next picture i can recall is haggling loudly in an inarticulate way with a cab driver to take us to the beach for free. in the mean the military police was pushing us into the cab saying we should get the f. out of here. :)
finally we had a deal and for a very cheap price we were taken to the Flamengo beach. the beach was still deserted and we just arrived in time for the sunrise.

we dropped the clothes and ran into water and watched the sunrise. it was awesome.
after these very romantic moments we immediatly felt that we need more beers. :o)
unfortunately all the bars were still closed but luckily after 10 minutes of walking we found a bar that we practically forced to open. :o)
we were the only people sitting on the beach drinking beer at a plastic table with good music and watching early birds walking and joggers in the sand.
somehow we got home around 10AM i don't really remember how. Floris had a serious row with the busdriver but i couldn't care less at that time.

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

sou brasileiro

by this time next week i'm gonna be there

Friday, December 29, 2006

the final shutdown

this was my last day at the office. spent my time wisely.
mostly with drinking palinka spirit which a xmas present from samsung.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

'the ultimate blog post' - where everything starts

i just came across a good definition for 'blogs' that i like:
"Blog" itself is short for "weblog," which is short for "we blog because we weren't very popular in high school and we're trying to gain respect and admiration without actually having to be around people."
check out the full article.

don't you worry for a second it's not true for me.
this is my personal blog where i will write about my stuff, my travels in Brazil and whatever i feel like doing so. if you like it you are free to write/comment/share/whatever. if not then f. off. feel free to check out some depressive blogs instead.